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Elderly Care

The Reality:

In the U.S at year 2021 there will be 80 million boomers and more than 15,000 nursing facilities.

People above age 60 in China in year 2050 is projected to increase to 437,000,000.

The number of senior citizens in the UAE will surpass that of the young by the year 2050.


UTI(urine tract infection) and Bedsores are most acute chronic morbidity in senior care facilities worldwide.


70% of nursing home residents are estimated to be affected by UTI and be hospitalized. Overall costs of hospitalizations of elderly within the U.S only is $7.7billion.

The Solution:

DigiSense offers real time preventive device for UTI & Bedsores along with actionable insights that enables caregivers to provide more personalized care, save time, optimize care, overcome scarcity of human resource for home care and health institutions reduce overall costs.

DigiSense innovation is based on state of the art electronic visioning technology based in a device superficially attached to the exterior layer of any kind of commercial diaper brand.

* The DigiSense technology is suitable for a reusable   

   form factor device or as a disposable device.

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