Elderly Care

Digisense developed the first non-contact Incontinence, bowel movement sensor technology.

Our technology is targeting a huge market :  

Total world population older then 65 (2013) - 506,000,000 And in (2040) - 1.4 billion.
People above age 60 in China in 2050 is projected to increase to 437,000,000
U.S estimated elderly population by 2030 will be 72,000,000.

Japan population over 65 is now 26 percent of population  and will account for 40 percent of population by 2060

The non-contact sensor is able to detect:

2.Urine volume
3.Urine hue
4.Bowel movement.
5.Body gases.


Other features are: falling, breathing, area temperature, movement-orientation. 


Researchers linked UI to the risks of:


1. Removing urine and feces as soon as possible

     help prevent skin breakdown and injury.

2. Reduce urinary tract infections.

3. Pressure ulcers.

4. Increase wear comfortable.

5. Restore dignity/loss of independent.

Researchers linked excessive body gases to the risks of:


1. Constipation.

2. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

3. Coeliac disease.

4. Lactose intolerance.

5. Gastroenteritis.

6. Malabsorption.