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Baby Care

Wearable Real Time Monitoring (IOT Technology), designed to respond to the needs of baby care during the most critical stage of his live. Help prevent Crib Death (SIDS), Monitoring nourishment and Hydration levels, urine quantity and quality, and minimize discomfort and irritation to baby’s sensitive skin.


No other product today can offer this kind of benefits to the elderly and baby's well-being and their caretakers peace of mind. Some products are point solutions for some specific elements, which must touch the skin and body defecation and are not reliable. No other product in the market can provide the scope and breath of information in one concise utility... with accurate ambient data with IOT technology.


This ultra-compact sensor is the first of its kind, the sensor is very easy to use; it can be attached to the outer side of a diaper, cloth and diaper cloth and can be removed by pulling on it lightly. After changing the diaper, the sensor can be re-attached to the new diaper. Unlike other products, there is no contact between the sensor and the body, in order to minimize discomfort to the baby and irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin.


An easy-to-use application (app) is provided with the sensor, allowing for immediate monitoring and review, using any type of smartphone.

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