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Baby AI Nutrition

Wearable Real Time Monitoring for baby's nutrition.


DigiSense's unique patented technology is offering intelligent monitoring the baby's nutrition status.


Provided with AI engine, enabling fully control on baby nutrition status.

The Digisense sensor can monitor the exact amount of urine contained within the baby’s diaper, thus eliminating the need to depend on a new parent’s quantification abilities. This data can then be used as a reliable source of information to determine if any kind of intervention is needed.


The normal urination pattern of a newborn baby includes passing of urine for the first time within 12 to 24 hours after birth. During the first few days of life, an exclusively breastfed baby may not have many wet (urine) diapers. The caregiver should look for at least two wet diapers a day until the mother’s milk “comes in”, which is normally somewhere between days 3 and 6 after birth. After day 6, a baby should have at least 6 to 8 wet diapers every 24 hours, but may have more.

Using traditional AI devices and messangers:  



Ask questions and get real-time nutrition status:












The sensor is very easy to use; it can be attached  the outer side of a diaper, cloth and diaper cloth and can be removed by pulling on it lightly. After changing the diaper, the sensor can be re-attached to the new diaper. Unlike other products, there is no contact between the sensor and the body, in order to minimize discomfort to the baby and irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin.


An easy-to-use application (app) is provided with the sensor, allowing for immediate monitoring and review, using any type of smartphone.

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